Stay Healthy All Night with the Pregnancy Coach® System

Wearable sensor easily clips to clothing via a magnet and gently vibrates, getting you off your back without fully waking you up.

App tracks your sleep patterns and provides actionable feedback to improve your sleep.

Back (supine) Sleep and Stillbirth

Pregnant women on average sleep 1.5 hours on their backs but often are unaware because they are asleep. Back sleep has been shown by multiple studies to be linked to significantly increased stillbirth. Science Behind Harmful Sleep

13% of women go to bed in the supine sleep position

Over 50% end up spending at least 1.5hrs supine each night

Over 80% spend some time supine

The only clinically-proven solution

Pillows that are not attached to your back, including whole body pillows are completely ineffective at preventing supine sleep as evidenced by decades of back snorers having to resort to tennis balls, backpacks and the like. Even with whole-body pillows behind your back, eventually your body will shift and slide down onto your back.


Commercial vest or shirt with inflatable bags or hard wedges Home-made tennis ball shirts and ball-stuffed backpacks
Pregnancy Coach Sensor Commercial vest Tennis-ball shirt
Price On Sale at $219 $100-$200 -
Clinically-proven to reduce supine sleep 5X in Mayo Clinic study of pregnant women Some products but strictly for non-pregnant individuals No and most likely will not maintain the minimum necessary 30 degree side tilt
Users continue to wear for 6 months Specifically pregnant women Only non-pregnant Studies show that 90% of users stop due to discomfort
Allows for brief period in back position so you can comfortably change sides No, can only change sides through stomach, which doesn’t work for women in late pregnancy Yes, but it’s very uncomfortable or even painful
Allows you to sleep worry-free Our app will show you exactly how little time you spent on your back each night Yes, though you are likely to wake up more often to change sides No and people have been known to still sleep on their back even on top of the tennis ball!
Money-back guarantee 60 days for any reason and full pregnancy if it was not effective or not needed No, not after use -

All the back-attached solutions are designed for people who can (and get used to) turn from side to side through their stomach. But this is not an option for pregnant women, who typically change their position 20-30 times a night but can only turn through their back. You'd be forced to wake up more often because your body is telling you to turn and you can’t.

Knowing is Peace of Mind

Track your sleep habits by night, week and month; identify harmful sleep positions, and get instant feedback on your progress. The Pregnancy Coach System gives you confidence that you are maintaining a healthy sleep position all night long. See the Pregnancy Coach Guide

Track your position in realtime - see how sleep positions affect your score.

See how the Pregnancy Coach System helps you reduce back sleep.

See detailed reports about previous nights sleep.

In a recent clinical trial conducted at The Mayo Clinic, the Pregnancy Coach System reduced back sleep time in pregnant women by an average of 80%.

Effective Alerts Guarantee

Wear the Pregnancy Coach Sensor your entire pregnancy and if we don't register any Effective Alerts, you can return it for a full refund.

To qualify for a refund, your Pregnancy Coach app must register at least 20 nights of 3+ hours of wear each with Vibrational Alerts enabled and it must register zero effective alerts during your pregnancy. An effective alert is a vibrational alert issued by the sensor after which you change your sleep position away from Flat Back.

Common Questions and Concerns

Does it emit harmful radiation?

No. The Pregnancy Coach sensor has passed all electrical safety and radiation emission tests required by the FCC. Our sensor only uses the very lowest power Bluetooth communication (BLE) which equates to less that 1/1000 (a tenth of 1%) the level of electromagnetic radiation generated by today's Android and Apple phones.

Radiation Safe
Will it disrupt my sleep?

Will it disrupt my sleep?

The Pregnancy Coach System is designed to improve your sleep. It gives you peace of mind so you don't stress out about rolling onto your back in the middle of the night. The vibrational alerts are also highly customizable and induce a position change but do not fully wake you from sleep. And, the sensor itself is so small and lightweight, you won't even realize you are wearing it.

Will it disrupt my sleep?

Does it really work?

The Pregnancy Coach System was developed with the input of many of the leading OBs in the US and with support from the Mayo Clinic. Every aspect of the product has been honed so that it is effective in reducing supine sleep but also results in a great user experience. In addition, in a clinical trial conducted at Mayo Clinic, the Pregnancy Coach System was able to reduce back sleep in pregnant women by over 80%. Additional studies are currently enrolling patients and results will be published soon.

Does it really work?