Is Your Sleep Harming Your Baby?

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20,000 women in the U.S. experience stillbirth every year

Reduced blood flow is one of the causes of stillbirth.

Supine Sleep Supine Sleep

Reduced Blood Flow

When a pregnant woman in the second or third trimester enters the back (supine) position, the uterus and fetus may compress the inferior vena cava (IVC) and reduce oxygen to the fetus.

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Back sleep is associated with 3.5X risk of low birth weight.

Back Sleep and Stillbirth

Pregnant women on average sleep 1.5 hours on the back, which has been shown by multiple studies to be linked to increased rates of stillbirth, fetal growth restriction, and admission into the neonatal ICU.

Science Behind Harmful Sleep

Back sleep is associated with 3.5X risk of low birth weight.
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Clinical Results

Recent Mayo Clinic study shows the Pregnancy Coach sensor can reduce back sleep by up to five times.

The sensor easily clips to clothing via a magnet and gently vibrates when you roll onto your back during sleep.

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