Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Pregnancy Coach can be used anytime during pregnancy; however, it is likely to provide the most value during the 2 nd and 3 rd trimesters.
Yes. It is completely passive and safe for continuous use.
Pregnancy Coach is not yet covered by insurance, however Pregnancy Coach is qualified for FSA/HSA plans.
Pregnancy Coach offers more value the more often it is worn. Most users wear the device 3 to 7 nights per week.
Absolutely. For women carrying twins, it is especially important to avoid sleeping on the back (supine).

The box contains everything you will need to get started: Pregnancy Coach sensor, magnetic clip, USB charger and cord; and instructions for use. For more details of what's in the box, see Pregnancy Coach Guide.

If you run low on patches, you may order adhesive patches for a nominal cost.
Yes. Included in the Pregnancy Coach purchase price is a 1-year subscription which lasts the entirety of your pregnancy. If you wish to renew the subscription for a second pregnancy within 3 years of your initial subscription's expiration, you can do it in the Pregnancy Coach mobile app for a fee of $99 for one more year.


We offer a 90-day satisfaction, return for any reason, full refund guarantee. We even include a free return shipping label right in the product box.
Currently,  we only ship to the United States.
We collect sales tax for shipments to the state of California.
You will be charged as soon as the purchase is made. This includes pre-ordered items as well.


The Pregnancy Coach System does not fit the definition of a regulated medical device at this time and therefore it is not subject to oversight by the FDA. The Pregnancy Coach System is currently marketed as a general wellness product only. We do intend to submit for FDA clearance in the future with new features for pregnancy sleep management.
No. Pregnancy Coach focuses on patient behaviors that are highly correlated with poor pregnancy outcomes.
The Pregnancy Coach System is indicated to reduce supine sleep in pregnant women.
We are working on making it possible for Pregnancy Coach users to share their data with their doctor and would love to hear from you on how you'd like to receive it.


The battery lasts for 5 days of continuous wear.
No, Pregnancy Coach does not currently monitor fetal heart rates.
No. Pregnancy Coach uses gentle medical grade hypoallergenic silicone adhesive. The patches are also optional - you can clip the sensor to a shirt with the supplied magnetic clip.
You can use either the magnetic clip on a form fitting shirt or an adhesive patch. Whatever is more comfortable on any given night. When using the magnetic clip, the sensor must be worn on your chest. When using the adhesive patch, the sensor should be worn at the top of your belly.